Welcome to the Chic Boutique!

This is the place to purchase Chic music! In an effort to make it easier to find just what you are looking for, we have created separate pages for our our New Releases, Patters, Dual-Key Packages, as well as our Male and Female Vocal Ranges. When you "add to cart" from any page, it all goes to the same cart for easy checkout. We hope this makes your shopping experience smooth and easy.

If you are purchasing a single download, simply click on the "Buy it Now" button for that title.  This will take you directly to a PayPal link to complete your purchase.  After your purchase, you will be directed back to the Chic site where you will find a link to your download.  If you are purchasing more than one download, simply click the "Add to Cart" button for the title. You may add to the same Shopping Cart from any of our Boutique pages and then check out just once for the link to PayPal.  After payment, click on the "return to merchant" link where you will find your download links.

Detailed "Purchasing Instructions" can be found just above the Shopping Cart on the left.

Thanks for shopping Chic!

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For your convenience, here's a .pdf file of this article.

Each title package includes a cue-sheet and multiple versions of the tune -- Melody and No-Melody versions as well as Background Vocals if recorded for the title.

How to Purchase A Title

Chic allows instant download of each title once purchased through pay pal. You have two options to purchase a title:

Buy Now


Add to Cart

The Buy Now Button immediately starts a PayPal Transaction, while the Add to Cart choice stores your selection until you Checkout.

In the Boutique, you will find new releases on the main Boutique page.  There are four other Boutique shops for dual key packages, patter releases, male range singing calls and female range singing calls.  You may choose "add to cart" from any of the Boutique pages and all of your selections will go to one cart.  The cart is "docked" at the top left of each page.  If you don't see it, scroll to the top of the screen to find it.

To BUY NOW, click on the button that bears the title of the tune you want. The PayPal transaction will begin. You should see a PayPal screen similar to this:

Note that the name and email address associated with your PayPal account will be shown. When the transaction is complete, PayPal will show a "Return to Merchant" link.  Clicking on that link will direct you back to the CHIC site where you will find download links for your purchases. This will allow you to immediately download your new music, provided that YOU HAVE NOT CLOSED YOUR BROWSER. This only works for the current browser session.

PayPal will also send a receipt to the email address associated with your PayPal account. CHIC will send an email containing DOWNLOAD Links to that address as well. Before purchasing, please be sure that your email Inbox has room for new messages.  If you miss the immediate download, and do not receive the automated email, watch for a separate email from Chic Recordings, or producer Shauna Kaaria.  Shauna verifies that downloads complete, and will send an email if she sees something has failed.

As mentioned above, the shopping cart is shown in the upper left hand corner of the page, and is visible on ALL the Boutique pages:

When you have collected everything you want to purchase, you’ll need to click on the Checkout button to start the PayPal transaction. At present, the detail only shows on the CHIC website. On PayPal, you will see “Shopping Cart” listed under details. Check the price for a match. Hereafter, a Cart transaction operates in the same manner of the BUY NOW transaction. PayPal will send you a receipt, and CHIC will send you download links. If you return to the site during the same browser session, you should be able to download them directly from the article pages as well.